Construction Material Prices in Pakistan

Construction Material Prices in Pakistan. Construction materials are a wide range of materials used in construction. Some common Construction materials include bricks, lumber, metals, and plastic. Assessing the project’s specific needs is essential when selecting suitable building materials.

What Kinds of Construction Materials do you Employ For Buildings?

Construction materials come in many shapes and sizes, so deciding which will fit your project is challenging. Here are some tips to help you choose the suitable construction material:

Check the size of the project you’re planning to build. Materials may be more appropriate for large projects or those with high demand.

Think about how your project will use it. Will it be used as a wall, flooring, or part of a furniture piece? If you still need to, ensure you know what construction material will work best for that specific application.

Consider the price. There are numerous types of construction materials, each with its price tag. Make sure you’re prepared to spend more cash on a good construction material than on something that will only meet your needs.

The building materials of the foundation the preferred to improve a wall, ceiling, or roof. We go over the most commonly used construction materials found on the website, as well as their advantages since a wise builder and contractor knows that choosing the best building material is about increasing the lifespan of the construction.


This material for the structure has been used for hundreds of years. From structural support to the foundation, wood has a vibrant past in construction and architecture. Timber is among the most natural materials that are available in addition to one that is cost-effective. Although many might consider it not a sturdy construction material, it’s sturdy and durable. It is a flexible building material, from bent and dried to cured and bent. Wood can make into a body that fits the form and construction of a building.

Why is wood such a popular, desirable, and common choice — aside from its long-lasting presence in the market, is that it is an environmentally durable material that is visually attractive. It is suitable for residential and commercial constructions and can use with other materials. No matter what it is, marble wood is compatible with other materials, both aesthetically and practically.

Latest Wood Prices in Pakistan: 

Type of WoodRate (Per Cft)
Ash Wood Price in PakistanPKR 10,500
Diyar Wood Price in PakistanPKR 8,500
Kail Wood Price in PakistanPKR 4,000
Kikar Wood Price in PakistanPKR 2,000
Mahogany Wood Price in PakistanPKR 8,500
Oud Wood Price in PakistanPKR 7,500
Teak Wood Price in PakistanPKR 21,000
Yellow Pine Wood Price in PakistanPKR 6,000


Currently, steel is among the most utilized construction materials starting from the skeleton of a building to the actual material found inside.

Security entrance representatives are made from steel and are typically located in industrial and commercial areas.

Steel is an excellent material for security and advantages, including the ability to be bent or manipulated without compromising its strength or durability.

Steel structures can resist shaking due to their toughness and plasticity in regions subject to extreme winds or susceptible to earthquakes.

The main drawback of steel as a construction material or any other type of metal is it’s vulnerable to breaking down under extreme temperatures. It isn’t fire-resistant and, based on the material’s thickness, once it reaches the temperature at which it does heat, it starts to lose the strength of its structure and worthiness and could break or collapse.


Concrete, more commonly known by builders and contractors as reinforced concrete, is made of steel, making it highly robust.

It typically uses for the foundations and structures of a structure — after it does pour, it will take several hours before it settles and does harden.

Concrete is concrete-like other construction materials, such as windows, access panels, and paints; concrete is available in various forms.

From high-performance concrete to light concrete and water-resistant, a professional can determine the most suitable concrete and suggest it for a particular project.


Those who have yet to gain experience with construction might believe that GlassGlass intends to use it for windows.

Still, in reality, Glass is a construction material that is highly versatile and under-appreciated. One of the more popular forms of Glass is obsidian due to its attractiveness and durability.

It is considered a high-end product in the construction sector as it requires skill and resources.

In the construction industry, Glass does use for façades ranging from windows to walls, beams, and floors. It will require extraordinary durability and strength.

Regarding the characteristics of this particular building material, the most notable features are transparency, durability, and working ability. Like many other materials used in construction, they have different functions and styles. Glass is also available in various forms and types.


Attractive and attractive stone is a popular option for walls and flooring. The stone’s texture makes it versatile; from a smooth surface to a more textured finish, it is also available in various shades.

Examples of stones used for construction include marble, granite, and Sandstone.

The purpose and usage of the stones can be an expensive selection of material. In the case of marble countertops, the color, quality, and design may increase the price and the time required to make them.


Construction materials fabrics are a variety of materials used to make construction projects more efficient, easier to maintain, and look more professional.

Textiles have been explored most commonly using tensile structures. However, there is a whole range of opportunities using this material: load-bearing. It could be because this structure is more expensive to produce or because it is easier to control when used in garments. A few examples include using textiles as a restraint system in the form of sacks or belts or creating clothing out of thin fabric sheets bound together with straps.

Construction Material Costs in Pakistan

As the cost of construction materials increased in Pakistan, the construction industry has again been a primary industry contributing to economic growth. It employs around 8 percent of the workforce. It supports various related sectors such as concrete cement, clay forms and different types of bricks and metal, paint and fixtures, etc.

The different prices of construction products available in Pakistan have also increased substantially because of the devaluation of the rupee of the US dollar. The increase in prices for fuel and energy as well as interest rates.

Bricks- ( B Class )13.50Each
Bricks-Awal ( A Class Machine Made )14.00Each
Bricks-Awwal ( A Class )14.50Each
Bricks-Awwal ( A+ Class )15.00Each
Bricks-Awwal Tiles ( A Class )14.50Each
Bricks-Ballast ( Rora )70.00Cubic Ft.
Bricks-Khanggar ( C Class )12.50Each
Cemenet-Power OPC1075.00Bag
Cement-Bestway OPC1115.00Bag
Cement-DG OPC1125.00Bag
Cement-Fauji OPC1105.00Bag
Cement-Flying OPC1080.00Bag
Cement-Lucky OPC1110.00Bag
Cement-Maple Leaf OPC1135.00Bag
Crush-Deena Bajar (1 Inche-1.25 Inches)95.00Cubic Ft.
Crush-Margalla138.00Cubic Ft.
Crush-Mix Bajar (Kaccha)125.00Cubic Ft.
Crush-Sargodha Bajri (4 Sooter Or 15-20mm)130.00Cubic Ft.
Sand-Chenab60.00Cubic Ft.
Sand-Ghassu (Slit Sand)28.00Cubic Ft.
Sand-Ghazi110.00Cubic Ft.
Sand-Lawrencepur105.00Cubic Ft.
Sand-Ravi42.00Cubic Ft.
Steel-Bar 60-Grade AF Steel300.00Kg.
Steel-Bar 60-Grade Amreli Steel310.00Kg.
Steel-Bar 60-Grade FF Steel305.00Kg.
Steel-Bar 60-Grade Ittefaq Steel300.00Kg.
Steel-Bar 60-Grade Kamran Steel300.00Kg.
Steel-Bar 60-Grade MS Steel302.00Kg.
Steel-Bar 60-Grade Mughal Steel310.00Kg.
Steel-Bar 60-Grade Saeed Steel300.00Kg.
Construction MaterialUnit PricePrice/Rates in PKR
Aluminum WindowsPer Square feetRs. 700 to 860
TilesPer Square MeterRs. 700 to 2000 (as per quality & brand)
Doors (Plywood)Per Square feetRs. 200 to 225
MarblePer Square feetRs. 40 to 120 (as per quality & category)
Iron DoorsPer Square foot with laborRs. 300 to 420
Today Labour RateCovered Area Per Square feetRs. 350 to 500

Construction Labour Rate in Pakistan:

After you have calculated the material cost now it’s time to calculate the labor cost. Labor is charged in Pakistan as per square feet of covered area. The current rate of labor rate is Rs. 25o to 380 per square foot of covered area. This rate will depend on the construction area and design. labour rates are high in big cities while it may be lower in small cities of Pakistan.

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