Tempered Glass refers to a type of safety glass that has increased its strength by being processed. It is a thermally reinforced glass. 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm glass price list. 12mm Tempered Glass prices in Pakistan.

Tempered Glass is available in Pakistan for thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 21mm, depending on the application.

It is used in Pakistan in many industries, including construction and automotive. Tempered glasses are used in commercial and residential settings as a safety measure.

Tempered Glass has existed for over 100 years but has yet to see its full potential. The Tempered Glass is so versatile that even a 3mm thickness can be used as a shatterproof covering for a tabletop or phone screen. It can also protect against blast attacks by shattering them into tiny, harmless pieces.

Tempered Glass Prices in Pakistan 2023

Name of glassSize of glassPrice per sq feet
Clear glass3mmRs.106.04
Clear glass3.5mmRs.124.07
Clear glass4mmRs.140.47
Clear glass5mmRs.140.87
Clear glass6mmRs.193.03
Clear glass8mm273.51
Clear glass10mm370.04
Clear glass12mmRs.439.58
Green glass5mm177.34
Green reflective5mm217.78
Brown reflective5mm217.78
Blue glass5mmRs.165.92
Blue reflective5mm217.78
Wc green brow5mm153.04
Wc blue5mm149.20
Cc green brow5mmRs.163.42
Cc blue 154.54


Pakistan uses six types of Tempered Glass. These are:

  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • Bent Tempered Glass
  • Double Glazing
  • Laminated Safety Glass
  • Decorated Glass
  • Energy-Efficient Glass

Each type of tempered Glass has characteristics that make it ideal for specific purposes. Below, we’ll highlight some of their best qualities.


Broken Tempered Glass shatters into tiny, harmless pieces. Flat tempered Glass can be up to four to five times stronger than standard Glass. It is also known as safety glass. It is relatively resistant to damage and breakage, but tempered Glass can crack into smaller pieces than standard Glass. This can lead to severe injuries.


  • Highly durable and safe
  • up to 5 times stronger than standard Glass
  • Broken down into smaller granules to avoid injury
  • Great for long-term applications like shopfronts, curtain walls, or shower cabinets


This Side Rail on These Stairs Is the Perfect Example Of Bent Tempered Glass. Bent tempered Glass can be custom-made for a variety of purposes. It is used in glass furniture, such as waterfall tables. However, it can also be found in other designs that require Glass to be bent into the correct shape.


  • Amazing flexibility in design
  • A great alternative to flat-tempered Glass
  • Great for creating custom facades or rounded corners for buildings


Triple and Double Glazing Panes can Factory-Produce in Bulk. Double-glazed windows will increase insulation in your home. Double glazing, or triple glazing, combines multiple sheets of Glass with the space between them being sealed with air. Double-glazed windows are more soundproof and resistant to heat than single-glazed windows.


  • Energy-efficient option
  • Better insulation
  • Good soundproofing
  • Highly durable thanks to multiple sheets of Glass
  • Great for windows on higher levels
  • Ideal for areas where temperature must be controlled


Parents with children should install laminated safety glasses to avoid injuries. Tempered Glass is broken into smaller granules. Double-glazed Glass requires more than one sheet. Laminated safety glass, however, uses two or more panes. These are joined together with a thin plastic sheet. This allows for clear vision through the Glass. The Glass will crack in the event of damage but will not fall from its place. This will enable the Glass to continue covering the window and protecting against broken shards.


  • Very durable
  • A safer alternative to Tempered Glass
  • Improved sound and fireproofing
  • You can replace broken Glass at your convenience
  • Designed for windows on the ground floor that are more susceptible to damage
  • Ideal for greenhouses, where broken windows can create a significant change in the indoor environment


There are many designs possible in decorated glass panes

Although decorated Glass is not a type of tempered Glass, it can be used in Pakistan to build homes, offices, and other structures. Decorated Glass can be used for glass cutting, glass designing, glass frosting, and glass painting on laminated or tempered safety glasses. It gives a stunning finish.


  • Fade-resistant designs
  • Scratch-resistant results
  • Extensive range of colors and patterns
  • Perfect for privacy screens, windows, and shower cabinets


Stop your home from heating up under the sun with energy-efficient Glass. We’re now focusing on energy-efficient Glass. This high-performance material blocks heat and UV rays from entering your home. It ensures a more controlled indoor environment. These unique features are available in energy-efficient glass panes that have thermal glazing.


  • Heat resistant
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Better energy efficiency
  • To get the best results, combine two or more panes.
  • The best for glass facades in high-rise constructions
  • Ideal for temperature-controlled environments
  • Suitable for indoor environments that demand maximum efficiency from an air-conditioning unit

If you hire professionals, you can install all types of tempered Glass in Pakistan with wooden or aluminum window frames. Blinds and curtains can control light in your home once the Glass has been installed. You can also make your home cozy and warm by installing glass panes that are strong for interior regulation.

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