10 Marla Plot for Sale is a residential property located in the heart of Lahore in Park Lane City. It offers breathtaking views of the greenery and plenty of amenities for its residents. The property is also close to schools, shopping centers, and restaurants. Suppose you’re looking for a luxurious housing society and make a home in a quiet area. In that case, the 10 Marla Plot for Sale in Park Lane City is the perfect option for you.

10 Marla Plot for Sale in A & B Block

A & B Block

It is the best place to be if you’re looking for an ideal plot of land in a stunning region with lots of space and tranquil surroundings. Park Lane City comes in the green zone of Lahore, which is full of greenery and the essential facilities to make your life easier.

The area is close to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and many other vital areas. A market with a pleasant atmosphere is situated nearby, allowing residents to get all their desires at a low cost. Overall, 10 Marla Plot is available for sale within Park Lane City Lahore blocks A and B. It is close to everything but not crowded, making it the ideal area to reside in. Also, remember the green surroundings and stunning architectural design.

10 Marla Plot for Sale Hyde Park

Hyde park block

It is located at Hyde Park in Park Lane City, Lahore. The very best of the most desirable. A neat project that has all the essential utilities in place on the block. This block offers you all the modern conveniences a homeowner would like.

There are beautiful green parks and paths to stroll along on weekends or any other day free. 10 Marla plots to be sold within Hyde Park are well accessible and are easy to sell to potential property buyers.

10 Marla Plot Size Length and Width

The size of 10 Marla plots is 35 in width and 65 in length.

10 Marla Plot Price in Park Lane City

Park Lane City offers 10 Marla plots in A, B Block, and Hyde Park. A & B Block’s total price is 7,500,000, and Hyde Park’s is 4,750,000.

10 Marla Plot For Sale In Lahore On Installments

A & B Block 4 Years Payment Plan

✨Per Marla rate in 5 Years Payment Plan A & B block is 800,000

✨15% Down payment is 1,600,000

✨54 Monthly installment is 30,000

✨9 half yearly is 420,000

✨20% Possession price is 1,600,000

✨The total price is 8,000,000

5 Years Hyde Park Payment Plan

✨Down payment is 950,000

✨60 Monthly installment is 20,000

✨10 half-yearly payment price is 180,000

✨The possession amount is 800,000

✨The total amount is 4,750,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a 10-Marla plot for sale in Park Lane City?

The size of 10 Marla plots in Park Lane City is 35 in width and 65 in length.

What is the price of a property for sale in Park Lane City?

Park lane city provides commercial and residential property. Commercial property starts at per Marla 3,000,000, and residential property per Marla rate is 750,000

How do I contact the seller, Park Lane City?

Contact: Corporate Office, 1 Main Boulevard, Park Lane City, Lahore-Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road, Faizpur Interchange, Lahore. call: 034 111 63 333. Email: Info@parklane-city.com

What is the most accessible installment plan for a plot?

Park Lane City offers two monthly installment payment methods, 4.5 Yearly and 5 Yearly, for your convenience.

What is the size of the 10 Marla plot?

The size of the 10 Marla plot is equal to 2250 square feet. However, it varies in different areas and housing societies, with 10 Marla plots similar to 30 x 65.

How many feet are in a Marla?

Marla’ is equal to 225 sq ft used in Lahore, Pakistan housing societies.

How do I calculate plot size?

Length (in feet) x width (in feet) = area in sq. ft.

What are the typical sizes of plots in Lahore?

Average Sizes of Plots in Lahore:

3 Marla: 20’x30

5 Marla: 25’x45

10 Marla: 35’x65


10 Marla Plot for Sale is an excellent plot. It offers reasonable installment plans and is a perfect option for those who want an affordable property price.

There are many plots for sale on the internet. It can be challenging to determine the best fit for your needs, but if you are interested in purchasing a property, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We have various installment plans and actions that are perfect for any budget.

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